1. Îmbunătățește sistemul imunitar
2. Crește nivelul pH-ului
3. Sprijină sănătatea și vitalitatea
4. Sprijină sănătatea dvs. digestivă

Pahar Nortish

Concentrat de Superaliment Brut
Ierburi organice, plante medicinale organice, legume organice, germeni organici, Complexul Omega
NOURISH este multivitamina finală integrală alimentată, formulată cu un spectru complet de culori vegetale organice, fructe, ierburi și germeni denși de nutrienți. Perfect pentru copii de toate vârstele! Fiecare porție de NOURISH are o valoare ORAC egală cu puterea antioxidantă de peste 7 porții de fructe și legume, făcându-l cel mai probabil cel mai bun produs de multivitamine de pe planetă!
Proiectat pentru copii cu gusturi pretențioase – oferind vitamine valoroase, minerale, prebiotice, antioxidanți superiori,
Și super-criticul Omega-3, -6, -7 & -9, fără adaos de zahăr. Copiii iubesc aroma bogată și naturală de ciocolată!
Cine spune că pentru copii să mănânce sănătos trebuie să fie dificil? Nu cu Nourish!

NOURISH Ingrediente
Suc de morcov organic, banană organică, nucă organică, ierburi organice de ovăz, suc organic de cătină, SproutGarden® (Brocoli organic, germeni organici amarant, germeni organici Quinoa, germeni organici mei, germeni de hrișcă organică, Garbanzo boabe organice , germeni organici Adzuki, germeni organici Linte , germeni organici de in, germeni organici de floarea soarelui, germeni organici semințe dovleac, germeni organici de chia, germeni organici de susan), VitaVeggie® (Organic Broccoli, germeni seminte organice de broccoli, tomate organice, morcov organic, spanac organic, Camu Camu, Triphala )
Alte ingrediente: Pulbere organică Luo han guo (Monk Fruit) și Cacao Organică

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String Transport Systems (STS) are an efficient rail technology currently under development in Russia by String
Technologies Unitsky. This technology utilises high-tension steel cables within concrete filler, in place of
conventional steel rails.
To determine the feasibility of STS application, a technical analysis and design has been carried out in this
paper, particularly in relation to; application site selection, demand estimation, structural design, and costing.
Based on this information, the best use for this novel technology was found to be a route from Sydney’s
Kingsford-Smith Airport to Bondi Beach, which has been designed and developed. The structural and
geotechnical elements of this route were designed using Australian Standards, and compared with data
available from String Technologies Unitsky.
This design found that the route had the capacity of carrying the current estimated demand of 12,300
passengers per day between Sydney’s Kingsford-Smith Airport and Bondi Beach, with provisions to increase
this number to 80,000 in the future. The travel time was 25 minutes on this 20.42 km route, which is less than
current public transport options, as well as personal rapid transit. Structurally, the typical supports and
foundations of a STS network were compliant with Australian Standards, ensuring a satisfactory design. The
string-rail, the novel component within this technology, also sufficed design loading and when life cycle costing
was considered, STS offered savings of 75% when considering its counterparts.
From the analysis of the transport elements, and structural and geotechnical design of the structure, STS has
been proved feasible for small scale implementation in highly urbanised NSW areas. Based on this conclusion,
further research towards implementation should now be possible.
Problem statement
Background to the study
The New South Wales’ passenger rail network is expansive, extending to the majority of New South Wales,
with thousands of kilometres of track. There are currently light rail and heavy rail services in use, with most of
Sydney’s suburbs having rail transit options.
Sydney’s urban rail network is suffering from excessive patronage putting a large demand on the network.
This has resulted in the network reaching capacity in many locations, and with high levels of urbanisation,
network extensions are both costly and technically…. PDF Free 70_559530272829d

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Eat healthy, eat bio

„Inflammation is a hot topic in medicine. It appears connected to almost every known chronic disease. Cooling the fires of hidden inflammation may be the most important thing you can do for your long-term health and well-being.” ~ Dr. Mark Hyman, editor in chief of Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine

There is probably no other single action you can take that will result in such a dramatic impact on your health than reducing chronic inflammation.

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Are you setting yourself up to fail by eating inflammatory foods?
You cut calories, fit in time at the gym, and never eat after 8 p.m. So why is it that you still can’t deflate that spare tire hanging around your tummy? Consider this: your body might be fighting against your weight loss efforts.
The culprit? Chronic, low-grade inflammation.
You can think of chronic inflammation like your home security system. Before you leave your house every morning and when you’re ready to settle in for the night, you click a couple buttons and turn the alarm on. In doing so, you’re securing your home and protecting yourself from invaders.
Your body’s inflammation response works in a similar fashion. Your immune system is the home security system and inflammation is the alarm.
An alarm—or inflammation—is triggered whenever the system detects an invader. In your body’s case, that invader can be anything from a bruised knee to an allergic reaction to pollen. In a functioning system, your immune system will eventually disarm the alarm.
In a functioning system, your immune system eventually disarms the alarm. That’s not the case with chronic, low-grade inflammation. And there’s an insidious perpetrator that’s triggering your alarm every day: food.
That’s not the case with chronic, low-grade inflammation. You see, on top of sporadic inflammatory culprits, such as injuries or illnesses, there’s a more insidious perpetrator that’s likely triggering your alarm every day: food.
Research shows that a significant contributor to chronic inflammation comes from what we eat. You’ll constantly be turning on your body’s alarm system. Because your immune system alarm is never disarmed, over time, this incessant inflammatory response has been found to cause weight gain, drowsiness, skin problems, digestive issues, and a host of diseases, from diabetes to obesity to cancer.
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